About Us


YOUNIB TV is a project of the Catholic YOUNIB (Youth Network for Interreligious Brotherhood), which is a youth interfaith peace movement themed towards giving hope to people especially the youths. We are a Catholic youth movement officially recognized as such in the Archdiocese of Nairobi. In addition, we are accompanied in our activities by the Assumptionist Fathers, which is a religious congregation invested in youth ministry in several forms, parish animation, pilgrimages, the media, etc.We are convinced that excellence is not reserved for the elite, that everyone is talented and that appropriate learning allows them to be revealed. Like Emmanuel d'Alzon founder of the Assumptionist Fathers, with the young people of his time, we also believe that bringing diversity to life is essential to the development of individuals.
YOUNIB started a media platform through its television project whereby it meant to give humanity the sense of hope it deserves and to promote its vision and mandate among the youths from its own YOUNIB family to the rest of the world.


Our Mission

To collaborate with people and organizations in the communities we serve in order to provide quality programs, learning opportunities and economic development in our region..

Our Vision

To be widely recognized for our excellence as a public television aimed at young people.

TV Profile

YOUNIB TV is a catholic but interfaith, interdenominational & intercultural youth oriented TV channel.

This means that we promote oneness and unity regardless of people’s differences in faith, cultures, and denominations. Furthermore, YOUNIB group as a whole has ideas and agendas on spreading love, peace and unity through community work and entertainment. Moreover, these can now be easily achieved through our media platform by impacting larger audiences.

YOUNIB TV Presenter Cast

We are a unique youthful TV channel that gives great opportunities to the youths to always do their best in matters relating to media, especially in promoting their talents and topics that unites them. Above all, YOUNIB TV is solely a youth business , as all our running and operations are spearheaded by the Youth. This cuts across the leadership to those involved in the content production process; the media personnel and talents who are part of the YOUNIB TV brand.

YOUNIB Recording Studio Logo

The YOUNIB Recording Studio

We have a great deal of experience recording music, especially gospel, choir and contemporary worship music. With a main tracking room and isolation room we can handle large gospel choirs with accompanying instruments recording simultaneously.

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