Youth on the Move

We are always on the move, doing community outreach. One of our programs is the Christmas for street children program has become for the YOUNIB a yearly joyful ministry.

Raising and taking care of children and especially street children is not a simple task. There is a proverb saying “It takes a village to raise a child”. Providing Christmas gifts for the street children in rehabilitation centers has been a task for YOUNIB. Having mobilized local benefactors, Christians and other denomination well wishers, the YOUNIB gather together to support these children, giving them a chance to feel included and enjoy the Christmas holiday season.

When was the last time you saw a child smile? Probably not long ago. It is indeed interesting that the smiles look a lot alike, but at the same time they are very different because they hide different discomforts. While many kids don’t have the everyday essentials, We admire how they still manage to smile. Today we have all realized that poverty is the insufficiency of the things necessary for life. Most of the time people tend to close their eyes so as not to perceive the poverty around them, but we young people have to open our hands and give to those in need.

YOUNIB has organized several activities to bring these children to rehabilitation centers, sending them to school, donating school stationery, and also sports events to bring reformed addicted youths together and to show how sport can be best used to support by-youth/for-youth approaches to substance abuse prevention, and to identify and describe “good practices” for other groups to use.

Partner with us to get involved in making a difference and spreading hope to those in need.