The YOUNIB professional Studio is a project of the YOUNIB Organization, located in Nairobi. It is a professional high end studio with great gear, great sound, and amazing creative and chill vibe.

Our team consist of an amazing well rounded and fast paced engineer working in studio with quality gear and great acoustics, experienced composers and producers. Additionally, we have well rounded session musicians, which together with the chilled vibes from the youths and creative atmosphere, make this studio different from others.

YOUNIB Recording Studio Nairobi

The YOUNIB professional recording studio, for the youth and through the youth, has helped create masterclass productions for our diverse local clients, including Gospel artists and Catholic Choirs with a Tanzanian touch.

We Offer

Gospel Video Shoot in a church | YOUNIB TV
YOUNIB TV Recording Studio T-shirt
Gospel Video Shoot Outdoors | YOUNIB TV
Quality of productions is frankly speaking very good. Moreover, our expertise and staff profile ensures that we are able to effectively cater for client needs. Our clients include musicians and media agencies in Kenya.

Big or small, single or corporate you can benefit from our seasoned youth team. We’ve got best options for:
  • Singles and Albums
  • Mobile Media
  • Film
Youth Ever the Best and United for (Peace YET B UP)