Organized by the MY3M (MYM, YCS, YCA, YOUNIB) to strengthen the Assumptionist youth ministry at St Monica Catholic Church in Njiru, in a small parish nestled in the heart of Njiru town Kangundo road, something extraordinary was about to unfold. The youth of the community were gearing up for a three-day extravaganza that would leave an indelible mark on their hearts and the community at large. Welcome to the grand spectacle of faith, unity, and joy – the SWAG Extravaganza. Saved With Amazing Grace has ignited the hearts of the parish’s youth, and this year’s three-day extravaganza promises to be nothing short of extraordinary. The youth television YOUNIB Tv was there!

Day one kicked off with a burst of energy as the youth, in collaboration with YSC, YCA, YOUNIB, and MYM groups, took charge of transforming the church compound and surrounding community. Enthusiastic spirits, rolling up sleeves, and a shared commitment to serve were the cornerstones of this communal effort. From the church compound to the priests’ residence, no corner was left untouched.

Understanding that a healthy mind is key to a vibrant community, the second day of SWAG Extravaganza focused on mental health. As the sun rose, minds opened to the critical importance of mental health. Divided by age, the youth engaged in open and candid conversations about resilience, self-care, and supporting one another. A tapestry of emotions and shared experiences unfolded, fostering a bond that transcended generational boundaries.

Thereafter, followed a vibrant array of unbeatable games. Teams competed fiercely, yet the spirit of solidarity prevailed. Laughter, cheers, and the determination to succeed echoed through the air, reminding everyone that joy and unity go hand in hand.

As the sun rose above the horizon on the 3rd day, the youth gathered for a spiritually charged mass. The atmosphere pulsated with devotion, as hymns and prayers echoed through the sacred space. The youth embraced the divine connection, creating an unforgettable moment of collective worship.

The crescendo of SWAG Extravaganza reached its peak on the afternoon of the last day with a mega concert featuring none other than the acclaimed gospel artist, Moji Short Baba. The stage came alive, the crowd erupted in applause, and hearts resonated with the powerful melodies that filled the air.


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