The African Climate Summit Nairobi-Kenya 2023 | YOUNIB TV

The African Climate Summit Nairobi-Kenya 2023: A Look From The Younib Delegate

The YOUNIB (Youth Network for Interreligious Brotherhood) and YOUNIB Television participated in the African Climate Summit held in Nairobi Kenya in September 2023. For the YOUNIB It was an honor to hear the opinions of the youths that took the opportunity to represent in wisdom and bravery the other youths that were unfortunately denied their accreditation.

The exhibition stands truly showed the steps the community is taking to mitigate and adapt to the environmental emergency. The African Climate Summit described the communities’ hard work and the importance of traditional knowledge in modern times, as well as the new start-up businesses that were incredibly sustainable. As for the YOUNIB’s delegates, meeting new people that become alliances and networking with other youths diversified our knowledge too, and their energy gave us hope that we are not alone in making ‘’wild dreams a reality’’ says Gloria Wambua Munyiva, YOUNIB Chairperson.

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